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Your tuition could be

Open a CIBC youth or student account in 2020 for a shot at winning SLN’s Full Ride contest.◊◊

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Eligible CIBC Products

Bank without limits.

Save your money by opening any CIBC youth or student account.

Here’s what CIBC Smart™ for Students offers:

  • Unlimited transactions including Interac e-Transfer® Service1
  • No Monthly fees
  • Free digital SPC membership
  • Earn $60 when you complete three qualifying transactions 5
  • A shot at winning 4 years of tuition◊◊
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Earn rewards or cash-back.

CIBC offers credit card options tailored to your student needs, no minimum income required.

Here are some of our favourite offers:

  • Cash-back on groceries with the CIBC Dividend® Visa* Card for Students2
  • Earn points for travel with the CIBC Aventura® Visa* Card for Students3
  • Spread out your payments on large purchases using CIBC Pace It™ Installment Plans at rates as low as 5.99%
  • A free digital SPC membership with any youth or student account
  • A shot at winning 4 years of tuition◊◊
CIBC credit cards

Make paying tuition manageable.

CIBC offers educational lines of credit, some of which are tailored to your specific field of study.

Here’s what they can do for you:

  • Borrow up to $60,000 to help pay for post-secondary education costs4
  • No yearly limit for graduate students
  • Pay interest only on the amounts you actually use while you are in school, and for 12 months after graduation
  • A free digital SPC membership
  • A shot at winning 4 years of tuition◊◊
Lines of credit

For other ways to enter …

… see full contest rules.

Full contest rules

How do I enter to win $35,000?

You need two things: A free Student Life Network membership and a new CIBC youth or student bank account, credit card or line of credit opened in 2020. Get any of the CIBC accounts above and sign up for SLN below. No entry form needed. If your SLN account is active and you’ve opened a new CIBC account in 2020, you’re automatically entered.

Already got a CIBC account? Nice work. If you’re a Student Life Network member who already has a CIBC student or youth account, simply make sure you’re registered for your free digital SPC membership† this year and you’re entered to win too!

See contest rules for additional ways to enter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a Canadian student, can I win?

Yep! Simply join Student Life Network or log into your account. If you open a new CIBC account, you get a chance to win.◊◊

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What if I’m in my last year already?

Fret not. You can still enter to win.◊◊

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What if I don’t have a student loan or debt to pay off?

That’s a major win. Speaking of winning, you are still eligible to win the Full Ride even if you don’t have debt. Simply open a new CIBC youth or student account.◊◊

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What if I bank with CIBC already?

That’s awesome! Simply register your youth or student account to receive your free digital SPC membership† and you’ll get a chance to win too!◊◊

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What if I have an account with a bank that isn’t CIBC?

Switch it up! CIBC’s youth or student bank accounts, credit cards and lines of credit may offer student-friendly perks that are not available at your current bank. Switching to CIBC or opening any of their eligible accounts may save you money long-term PLUS you’ll be entered for a chance to win Full Ride.◊◊

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What if I’m an international student studying in Canada?

Welcome to our home and native land! You’re eligible to win too.◊◊

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