A $35,000 prize.

Start banking with CIBC in 2018 and you’re eligible to win SLN’s Full Ride. That’s it.

Open a CIBC Student Bank Account

And start banking smart.

Free Unlimited Interac e-Transfers

The CIBC student bank account gives you UNLIMITED transactions1 and free UNLIMITED Interac e-Transfers®. Most banks charge $12–$15 a month for this kind of account, but CIBC wants to help students like you save their money, so you’ll pay $0 in monthly fees. Oh ya, and opening that account could win you $35,000◊◊.


Need a credit card?

Whether you’re looking to establish your credit or earn rewards, CIBC has a card for you. There’s no income requirement, and getting one in 2018 could win you $35,000.

No Income Requirement
What CIBC credit cards can do:
  • Put up to 2% cash back in your pocket on grocery purchases2
  • Get you Aventura® Points or Aeroplan® Miles to get free flights
  • Earn you free goodies and collect Tim Cash™

Need money for school?

Get help for tuition, books and more with a CIBC Education Line of Credit or Professional Line of Credit. Pay interest only on the amounts you actually use and qualify yourself to win SLN’s Full Ride.

Interest Only Payments

Borrow up to $60,000 and access that cash whenever you need. You’ll pay interest only on the amount you use while you’re in school, and for up to 12 months after graduating.3


How Do I Enter to Win $35,000?

You need two things: a free Student Life Network membership and a new CIBC product opened in 2018. Get a CIBC account above and sign up for SLN below. No entry form needed, if your SLN account is active and you’ve opened a new CIBC account in 2018, you’re automatically entered.

Full Ride

Check out last year’s winner Emily Bennett of Ottawa, ON

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a Canadian student, can I win*?

Yep! Active Student Life Network members who open any new CIBC product automatically get a chance to win. Not a member yet? Join here. Not sure if your SLN account is active? Check here

What if I’m in my last year already?

That’s okay, you are still eligible to win.

What if I don’t have a student loan or debt to pay off?

Congrats! You can still get a chance to win.

What if I bank with CIBC already?

That’s great, you still get a chance to win too simply by opening a new CIBC product (or see contest rules for additional ways to enter).

What if I’m an international student studying in Canada?

That’s okay, you still get a chance to win. And welcome!

What if I have an account with a bank that isn’t CIBC?

Change is good. Open a new CIBC student bank account, credit card or line of credit and you can get a chance to win.

See contest rules for additional ways to enter.